This morning, I checked my Reddit inbox as I got out if bed and headed toward the shower.

I had one message.

It was from the bitcointip bot (/r/bitcointip) verifying a transaction.


In a move of epic generosity, the infamous /u/shakethatbass sent me a whole Bitcoin!
For those not familiar with Bitcoin, at the time of writing this post, 1 BTC is about $108 USD.

/u/shakethatbass sent this to me for the tip rewards program, giving me a major boost in my goal to reward the bitcointippers of the world, and also giving my wallet relief.

For those that don’t know, shakethatbass is quite famous, being the number 2 tipper on Reddit. Most of these tips in an epic Bitcoin charity drive.

I have never seen this user tip less than 1BTC.

He/She is definitely a lurker. Popping on to drop some coins and seemingly disappearing for days on end.


Thank you /u/shakethatbass, for your support and donation.